At Bipharma, the activity Warehousing means all of the services we perform around the products that our clients have entrusted to us.And that can be a very limited job, but could be a quite extensive arrangement as well …
Because we hold all licenses, we can provide these services for all of your pharmaceutical and / or diagnostic products.

Each one of our Warehousing clients receives its own administration section within our ERP systems. The different sections are strictly separated (‘Chinese walls’) so as to avoid mix-ups. Automated overviews regarding stock, sales, etc. can be 1 : 1 exchanged.

The services for Warehousing include a range of opportunities:

  • Storage (ambient, cold and controlled drugs)
  • Inbound and release for distribution (GDP)
  • Order receipt and order entry
  • Order picking and shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Debtor management
  • Repackaging (GMP)

Stock management is the responsibility of your own organization, however in mutual consultation we can work out how to arrange for this.  As regards tariffs of our services we are very flexible, depending (o.a.) on the requested services and the volume thereof.

Do you run a company, without warehouse (staff) and / or order processing of your own? Bipharma is a fully licensed pharmaceutical company which also provides warehousing services such as storage and related activities for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and / or related products in its contemporary Almere location. We are happy to be of service for your Warehousing and logistics. Are you a (pharmaceutical) company established abroad and do you want to market your products also in The Netherlands or in Benelux? See how Bipharma can take care of the Distributorship of your products if you do not have your own marketing and sales organization in place.

Contact us for more information or for a quotation regarding the Warehousing of your products.

A reference statement from one of our (long-standing) clients for logistics may also be requested, of course.

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