As it becomes clear from Bipharma’s history, value added Distributorship (agencies) has served as the basis for the establishment of our company.
And although from the nineties of the last century within Bipharma a strategic interest in acquiring ‘own’ products has been allocated, Bipharma has had distributorships for products from third parties throughout the years. To this day we score a success with distributorships!

Taking up a distributorship means that Bipharma performs the marketing & sales of a (number of products of a) company which is not yet represented on the Dutch / Benelux market, or e.g. for a Dutch company without a sales organization. And that can be structured in different ways.

The word ‘own’ in the first paragraph has been placed between quotation marks for a reason. After all, in the current distributorships Bipharma buys the products from the supplier according to a license and supply agreement. Marketing and sales activities are performed at the expense and risk of Bipharma. There is no transfer of intellectual property, however from a corporate interest point of view the products are treated as if they were ‘Bipharma’ products. Obviously, such agreements are being closed only for long-term cooperations.

Of course other forms of distributorship can be negotiated.

Because we have all necessary licenses at our disposal, we are qualified to enter into a Distributorship for all of your pharmaceutical and / or diagnostic products. We also run our own warehouse and we carry out the wholesaler function ourselves, so that from a technical point of view there is no obstacle to execute shipments to any type of customer (provided this customer holds the required licenses).

With our marketing and sales activities we focus on the one hand on injectables for hospital use – and especially in the area of the critical care, e.g. the intensive care unit and the OR. In The Netherlands this is typical tender business. In this market we have been operating very successfully for a long time already with a catalogue of products from hameln plus GmbH from Germany. With almost all of these products, we are the market leader in the Dutch market since a number of years.

On the other hand, our catalogue is strongly focused on (topical) dermatology. A particular market in which we achieve growing sales of our prescription products year after year – contrary to the market’s downward trend. In addition, for more than 15 years we have been representing a special diagnostic test from SmartPractice, which can be used as a screening instrument for allergic contact dermatitis.

However, from our knowledge-based approach, we can also fairly quickly prepare for other therapeutic disciplines.

Are you a (pharmaceutical) company established abroad and do you want to market your products also in The Netherlands or in Benelux, but you do not have your own marketing and sales organization on site? Bipharma is a fully licensed pharmaceutical company with the ability to carry out the marketing and sales of your products – e.g. through a Distributorship.

Are you merely seeking storage and related logistic activities of / for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and / or related products? Then see how Bipharma can take care of the Warehousing of your products, in case you do not have your own warehouse (staff) and / or order processing available.

Contact us regarding the Distributorship of your products.

A reference from one of our (long-standing) principals can also be requested of course.