Bipharma’s vision is expressed in the motto that we have included as a pay-off in our logo: WORKING TOWARDS A HEALTHY FUTURE.

Bipharma considers it important that all its products and services contribute to this. That seems easy .. but the emphasis in this statement is on the word seems ..

In a practical sense it means that we will not be satisfied with inferior quality. This applies to both the pharmaceuticals as well as the products that can be bought at the pharmacy without prescription. Products which do not meet the documented quality requirements are rejected and they are not released to the market. Our suppliers are familiar with these quality requirements, and we keep these to them.

Production takes place in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and the raw materials are of European Pharmacopoeia quality.

Obviously this is not cheap, because this kind of quality standards and all of the (obligatory) related controls, carry a price. We do not move production to cheap ‘third’ countries, but we opt for reliable suppliers within Europe.

In a somewhat more abstract sense, it means that we compile our catalogue with products that contribute to the Dutch healthcare market. Again, this applies to both prescription drugs as well as the products that can be bought without prescription. This contribution stems from a cost reduction by introduction of a generic product on the market. The introduction of a variant without preservatives may contribute as well as a specific package that is more convenient or practical for the patient.

It can also mean that we take on sales and marketing for a company that is not yet represented on the Dutch market. We can also provide the logistic services according to GDP to companies that do not have their own warehouse and staff available.

We summarize all of this in our motto WORKING TOWARDS A HEALTHY FUTURE.

And we already have been performing for more than 70 years.