At Bipharma, it’s all about intrinsic quality; special care for the product from the moment of production, the validated cold chain transportation up to and including the support when the product is in your pharmacy. As a pharmaceutical company, Bipharma is GMP (and GDP) certified.

Our quality system requires production according to GMP and logistics according to GDP.

All suppliers that we employ to this respect, comply with these requirements.

Within this whole structure, our quality department is of prime importance. It monitors our quality system, assesses our suppliers, takes care of the release for distribution of incoming deliveries, handles any complaints and assesses returned products. Also regulatory affairs and local pharmacovigilance for our own products take place via our own quality department.

In short, quality plays the leading role at Bipharma on all fronts. As the first supplier in The Netherlands, we have taken care of safety files for the Bipharma label products which are sold via the retail pharmacy. The ingredients we use are safe and meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. The number of ingredients in our products is as limited as possible. It goes without saying that less ingredients means a lesser chance on allergic reactions. Moreover, wherever possible the products are produced without fragrances or coloring agents, without preservatives (e.g. parabens) and without adding silicones. Also the Bipharma label products have not been tested on animals.

We take quality for granted, and because of this we sometimes forget to mention about it …