About Bipharma.

Bipharma continuously invests …

  • In the expansion and renewal of its catalogue with high-quality products.
  • In the training of its employees – on the one hand in order to cope with the increasingly stringent regulations and on the other hand to use this knowledge for the support of its customers.

Bipharma has always been helping foreign companies with the marketing and sales of their medicines in The Netherlands. For example, Bipharma was aiding the market introduction of (products from) Eli Lilly, Hermal, Stiefel and Alcon in The Netherlands. Companies that are now continuing their efforts with their own branch. But even in 2020 Bipharma is still practicing Distributorship with great enthusiasm, and we successfully represent the injectables from hameln plus GmbH and the allergy test products from SmartPractice on the Dutch market.

Since 2008, Bipharma’s diagnostic products have been incorporated in the then acquired company Clindia Benelux. The immunological test products for the successful colon cancer screening programs in Flanders, Walloon and Luxemburg are supplied through the Belgian subsidiary of Bipharma.

The logistic services (Warehousing) that Bipharma originally provided as a spin-off of its excess warehouse capacity were further professionalized by the move to the new premises in Almere at the end of 2010 which also rendered a boost for expansion. Varying from storage to debtor management, but also (re)packaging activities, customers can choose from a range of services that comply with GDP and GMP.